Portsmouth Herald: HB 646 would devastate Right to Know law

Feb. 19, 2015

Openness in the conduct of public business is essential to a democratic society. The purpose of this chapter is to ensure both the greatest possible public access to the actions, discussions and records of all public bodies, and their accountability to the people.

Preamble to RSA 91-a, New Hampshire’s Right to Know law

“Devastating” is how New Hampshire Press Association President Trent Spiner described the potential impact of House Bill 646, while recently testifying before the House Judiciary Committee in Concord.

And he is right.

The value of New Hampshire’s Right to Know law lies in the easy and affordable access it provides to those seeking information from their local and state governments.

Unfortunately, sponsors of HB 646 want to make that access harder by making the process prohibitively expensive.

To read the complete editorial, please click here to visit the Portsmouth Herald’s website. 


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